Downtown Naperville Tours

We have years of experience getting to know all the Downtown Naperville hot spots and hidden gems. The uniqueness of Downtown Naperville is captured by our 1-hour tours.

All our drivers spend countless hours driving through Downtown Naperville. To and from historic landmarks, beautiful homes, restaurants, and bars. During those hours, they have accumulated some very interesting stories.

We are sure to create the experience you want; from interesting stories to laughing and socializing with your group as the driver stays quiet. You name it, we do it!

Naperville Holiday Lights Tour

Starting at $25 per person | 1 Hour

A fun and intimate way to see the holiday lights of Naperville! The 1-hour lights tour covers the best lights in downtown Naperville and the surrounding neighborhoods.

We will pick you up anywhere downtown—parking lots, restaurants, retail stores—wherever you are before the tour begins. This tour is a great addition before or after your dinner downtown.

To make the lights tour even more magical, you can bring the beverage of your choice while onboard! So, bust out the hot cocoa, apple cider, and any other festive beverages you fancy!

Naperville Halloween Light Tour

Starting at $25 per person | 1 Hour

A fun & intimate way to get spooked during the month of October! This 1-hour Halloween tour covers the best lights & decorations downtown Naperville and surrounding neighborhoods have to offer.

We will pick you up anywhere downtown; parking lots, restaurants, retail stores… wherever you are before the tour! Bring a festive beverage of your choice to sip on while you enjoy the tour!

Naperville Beautiful Homes Tour

Starting at $25 per person | 1 Hour

Explore the neighborhoods in and around Downtown Naperville where over 100 million dollar homes have been developed. In addition, the Historic District invites you to see homes that have a look and feel from another time.

This tour will show you the most beautiful buildings, houses, and neighborhoods Naperville has to offer. While enjoying the historic homes, you can bring the beverage of your choice to enjoy during the tour!

Naperville Pub Crawl Tour

Starting at $50 per person | 2.5 Hours

Craft your own pub crawl in downtown Naperville! Travel by open-air, electric Tuk Tuk from one pub to the next. Choose 5 taverns within our service area (a 3-mile radius from Downtown Naperville) to spend 20-30 minutes at.

We will provide exclusive, fun, and safe transportation for your group. While onboard one of our vehicles, you can enjoy the beverage of your choice!

Create Your Own Naperville Tour

Starting at $25 per person | 1 Hour

Create your own tour of Naperville by tailoring the experience to your interests!

See historic landmarks and the Naperville historic district. Taste your way through downtown by visiting popular restaurants, bars, and local shops. Cruise by the Riverwalk, Centennial Beach & Park, Millennium Carillon, and 3 River Crossings. Head to North Central College for a campus tour.

Bring a drink and enjoy the scenic and historic sites of Naperville with your favorite beverage!

E-Bike Cruiser Rentals — Cruise the DuPage River Trail

$25 per hour | 1 hour & 2 hour rental options

Rent an electric-powered bike to explore the DuPage River Trail for an hour or two! You can easily cover lots of ground, while still getting an up-close and personal look at all the scenery along the trail. E-bikes themselves are fun and exciting to ride. The barrier between experienced bike riders and beginners is gone. The whole family can enjoy the full experience regardless of fitness level.

E-Bikes by Pedego

Custom Naperville Tours with Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuks are one of the most unique, fun vehicles you will ever come across. There is no better way to see Downtown Naperville than on a Tuk Tuk. Leave behind all the additional people you don’t know and relax with our intimate experiences that are private to your group even if you are the only person riding. We never sell extra seats. 

Tuk Tuk tours are the best way to see Naperville because you are in an open-air, fun vehicle with an experienced local driver. Last but certainly not least, you can enjoy your favorite beverage (adult or otherwise) on board with your family & friends!

Booking A Naperville Tour

Booking our Tour experiences is conveniently located online for your convenience. No calls, texts, or emails are necessary unless you have questions. All you must do is choose your experience, enter the number of riders, your contact information, and pay.

We will send you reminders leading up to your tour.