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We are Naperville’s novelty tour, wedding, & quick ride one-stop-shop. We specialize in 1-hour tour experiences on Tuk Tuks and quick point-to point tuk tuk rides to restaurants, bars, and shopping within a 2.5-mile radius from Downtown Naperville area. Our drivers are all local, responsible, and experts in providing fun experiences for the whole family.

Our Tuk Tuk Services

We set out to offer something that would benefit the local Naperville economy and a provide a unique way to explore the city. We aim to provide a first class experience on all our tuk tuk tours, ride services and rentals. We offer local city tours, fun pub crawls for groups, corporate event activities and transportation, and event shuttle services.


Tour Naperville from a Tuk Tuk! Our tours provide a unique look at Naperville, from our Beautiful Homes Tour to our local Pub Crawl Tour.


We are out every day providing a wide range of rides for residents and visitors to Naperville. Our ride service runs in the downtown Naperville area and is suited for quick and hassle free transportation.


We provide exclusive shuttle service to events and parties of all kinds. Our Tuk Tuks are sure to add another layer of fun to your special day. From weddings to milestone events, we can provide a unique transport

Advertise with Us

Maximize exposure for your local business by advertising  on a wide range of spaces available on our Tuk Tuks. Advertise with us today and expand your brand’s downtown reach in Naperville. 

The Novelty of Tuk Tuks

Tuk Tuks are vehicles that originate in Thailand & India. Over there, they are essential transportation. Here in Naperville, they are seen as a novelty. The driver sits up front and up to 6 passengers ride comfortably in the back. Naperville tuk tuks are US DOT certified, and clean air & energy.

Each tuk tuk is 100% electric with seatbelts and heated seats for colder weather. We only go 25 MPH, but it is a quick 25. Our tuk tuks are open air in the summer and have covers in the colder months. No matter what time of year, you are guaranteed to feel like a celebrity when riding on a tuk tuk.

Business Partnerships Tuk Tuk Naperville

Tuk Tuks are always turning heads while driving down the street or sitting in the Downtown Naperville area. We are a small business in Naperville and understand how hard it can be to get your message out to the public. A Tuk Tuk is naturally a rolling advertisement opportunity for other businesses to reach a potential 200,000 ad impressions every week. People walking on the sidewalk, cars around us at stop lights, and riders on our vehicles are being exposed to and engaging with your brand all the time & all over town

Tuk Tuk Naperville was on NCTV17

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  • Tuk Tuk is the best. So great to roll through the parade route with you.

    Mayor Steve Chirico
  • We used Tuk Tuk today, worked out fabulous Great Service.

    Terry ODowd
  • When in Downtown Naperville! You have to experience the Tuk Tuk Naperville Shuttle Service. A unique way to get around downtown Naperville, fun, fast, and very reasonable. We loved it!

    Wally Smith
  • Thank you for driving my daughter’s home from front street last night. They loved it. Great Company!

    Heidi Spinner

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