Naperville Ride Transportation Service

Tuk Tuk quick rides are incredibly fun! There is no better way to get from point A to point B. We offer quick rides for anyone wishing to travel within our 2.5-mile radius from the downtown Naperville area. Our quick rides are completed by a team of drivers that are all local to the area and have a vast knowledge of the safe streets to drive on. You and your family are sure to arrive to your destination in a safe and scenic way. Our tuk tuks are open-air, so you can sit back and relax with the wind in your face, and a drink in your hand. Not to worry, we have covers and heated seats in the colder months.

We complete rides on a first come first serve basis. This makes us much more efficient to the riders that are ready to go.

Download the App “Tuk Tuk Time”
to Make Your Reservation

Tuk Tuk Time provides point A to point B Rides through Naperville’s downtown area. This ride service uses our eco-friendly tuk tuks for a quick, fun and convenient way to get around downtown Naperville. No hassle or worry when it comes to finding parking or a designated driver while you’re enjoying downtown. Hire a tuk tuk for your downtown transportation needs and get to tuk’n around town!

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How To Make a Ride Request

We have 2 options for ordering Quick Rides.

Option #1: Use the Tuk Tuk Time App:

  1. Download our app Tuk Tuk Time
  2. Hit “New Ride”
  3. Check the hours of operation for that day
  4. Enter the number of adults and kids riding
  5. Enter your pickup address and drop off address (must be within our service area)
  6. Request the ride
  7. Select “Pay with driver” to pay cash
  8. Select “Pay with card” to enter card for payment (It will be securely saved for future use)

Note: The date and time cannot be changed as the rides are first come first serve. The drivers will either accept your request and be on their way or send back the closest available estimated time of arrival. It will be up to you to accept or decline the available time.


Option #2: You can text or call us!

Phone Number: (331)777-0332

Note: The drivers get to the app requests first and return texts/calls/voicemails in between rides when it is safe for them to do so.

Ride Schedule

Monday: Closed

Tuesday-Thursday: 11:00am – 10:00pm

Friday-Saturday: 11:00am – 10:00pm

Sunday: 11:00am- 9:00pm

Our Map & Service Area

If you are outside of the ride service area, please call us at 331-777-0332 to see if other arrangements can be made for your ride needs.

map of downtown naperville ride service area

Our Drivers

Our customer service-focused drivers are GREAT! They are trained to use 300% defensive and safe driving skills and are hired only if they pass a 3-year driver background check.

Turning the Ordinary into Fun

Order a tuk tuk if you want to create an experience! We turn ordinary quick rides into memory making events. We are always a fun and unique addition to any day or night out. When you ride in a tuk tuk, you feel like a celebrity. Everyone in other cars and on the sidewalks are looking and wondering what that fun thing is, and how can they get one.

Health & Safety

Tuk Tuks are equipped with seatbelts for all passengers and the drivers are diligent about making sure all riders wear them. Our vehicles travel at a max speed of 25MPH which eliminates the opportunity for speeding.

ride services driver standing net to tuk tuks

Naperville Schedule

Tuk Tuk Pricing
  • $1 Zone: $1 Per Person
  • $3 Zone: $3 Per Adult
    • Kids 12 and under ride for $1 each With Parent
  • $5 Zone: $5 Per Adult, 4-6 adults ride for $20 Total
    • Kids 12 and under ride for $1 each With Parent