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Tuk Tuk is the best way to get around downtown Naperville. Residents and visitors now have a great way to explore shopping, restaurants, bars, and historic sites.

We have 4 vehicles in our fleet. Each Tuk Tuk is equipped with heated seats, secure seatbelts, and acrylic covers to combat the elements. Our vehicles are 100% electric, quiet, and eco-friendly with a max speed of 25 MPH. They are DOT (Department of Transportation) certified and street legal.


Tuk Tuks: An Eco-Friendly Twist on a Unique Vehicle

Tuk Tuks originate in Southeast Asia where they are mostly gas-powered engines. They get their name from the sound the engine makes while moving “tuk tuk tuk tuk.”

In India, where there are many Tuk Tuks on the streets, they are called auto-rickshaws. Tuk Tuks can be found all over the world and are gaining popularity in the United States at a rapid pace.

Naperville is the first city in the Midwest to embrace Tuk Tuks as a “last mile ride” mode of transportation. Tuk Tuk Naperville aims to provide a fun and safe way to get around town and relieve parking stress and traffic congestion.

Meet the Tuk Tuk Naperville Team

Bill Hamik – Owner

Bill Hamik is a 25-year Naperville resident. He is very active in the community and loves to see the city grow and develop. Bill got the idea for Tuk Tuk Naperville during a visit to Denver, CO. He saw the unique, fun, 100% electric vehicles and realized how great they could be for transportation in downtown Naperville. 

Bill also owns SureRide (a Tuk Tuk Naperville Company). SureRide is based on the “last mile transit” concept with a focus on 14-passenger vans, SUVs, and 4-door sedans.

Bill Hammack, the owner of Tuk Tuk Naperville

Chris Parker – Manager

Chris Parker was raised in Naperville and has been managing Tuk Tuk Naperville since the beginning (2016). Chris specializes in customer-first-focused management. Chris comes from a restaurant management background.

Chris Parker the Manager at Tuk Tuk Naperville

Tuk Tuk Naperville Drivers

Our Tuk Tuk drivers are hired for their personalities and ability to create experiences for passengers. All drivers are local to Naperville and most have grown up here so their knowledge of the area and streets can’t be beaten by any other ride service.

Our drivers pride themselves on creating an experience for you and your family instead of just showing up to drive like a robot… Unless that is what you prefer, of course!

Tuk Tuk Naperville Driver

Interested in Naperville Advertising?

Increase the visibility of your business right in your target area: Naperville! Tuk Tuk Naperville offers advertising options for businesses that want to get in front of their customers.

We offer eight different placements of your physical sign and/or graphic on our eco-friendly, 100% electric Tuk Tuks. As part of our advertising packages, we will share photos of your advertisement on our vehicles and tag your business on social media.

Simply fill out the form on our Advertising page to start the process of getting your business shown all over downtown Naperville!

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