Tuk Tuk Transportation FAQ

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Tuk Tuks are a unique and fun way to get around any city. But what is a Tuk Tuk? How are they different from standard transportation options? And what are the perks of taking a Tuk Tuk over traditional transportation options?

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Tuk Tuk!

What is a Tuk Tuk?

A Tuk Tuk is a stylized version of auto-rickshaws often used in crowded Asian cities. The name Tuk Tuk comes from the sound the engine makes when a Tuk Tuk is in motion (tuk tuk tuk tuk).

Tuk Tuks were traditionally used in areas with a warm climate, as the open-air design makes them perfect for big cities on hot days. Tuk Tuks in the US are typically used on a seasonal basis in most Northern areas, as the coldest months are not compatible with the open-air design (even with extra coverings).

How is a Tuk Tuk Different from a Car?

While older Tuk Tuks ran on gas, modern models are all 100% electric. This was a fairly unique feature up until a few years ago, when electric cars became increasingly affordable & available.

The main difference between a Tuk Tuk and standard transportation options is the size. Tuk Tuks are able to comfortably seat 6 passengers in an area smaller than a standard sedan! Tuk Tuks can easily pull into crowded drop-off spots a cab or limo would struggle with.

The open-air design of Tuk Tuks makes them an ideal choice to experience the sights, smells, and sounds of a new city. The only enclosed side is the windshield.

Are Tuk Tuks Better Than Cabs?

For shorter trips around a small area, the answer is “absolutely.” Tuk Tuks cant efficiently travel long distances, so they are still the best option for long trips. But for shorter trips & tours, Tuk Tuks can’t be beat. Why?

  • Size. Tuk Tuks are able to go through traffic and fit into tight spaces most cars can’t dream of.
  • Efficiency. Tuk Tuk drivers specialize in smaller areas and know them very well, enabling passengers to get to nearby destinations as quickly as possible.
  • Pick Ups. Tuk Tuks are able to fit in just about anywhere–from parking garages to jammed lots.
  • Touring Options. Most transportation options don’t offer tours or experiences. If you want to experience a new city for the first time, Tuk Tuks are an amazing option.

If you have Naperville Tuk-Tuk-specific questions, please check out our FAQ page!


Tuk Tuk is Naperville’s favorite downtown transportation service. Our open-air vehicles allow clients to experience all the hustle and bustle of downtown Naperville while getting to your next destination quickly. Our drivers are all long-term Naperville residents–talk to them on your next ride for recommendations on restaurants, shops, hotspots, and anything else!

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