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Have you noticed some funny-looking cars driving around downtown Naperville? Rickshaw-looking cars? Have you also wondered what they are or how you can get a ride in one of those studly vehicles?

Those cars Tuk Tuks from the fleet at Tuk Tuk Naperville. Tuk Tuk Naperville offers amazing tour and ride services for the downtown Naperville area. From seasonal & holiday touring to point-to-point rides, Tuk Tuks can take you anywhere in the downtown area.

How do I Order a Tuk Tuk?

It’s as simple as going to the Tuk Tuk Naperville Rides page and downloading the Tuk Tuk app. This app can be used to schedule pickups, rides, tours, and more. The app is simple to use and can get you rolling in just minutes. It’s a must-have app for anyone who frequents the downtown Naperville restaurant & bar scene!

What Transportation do Tuk Tuks Handle?

Tuk Tuks can handle just about any event in downtown Naperville. The range for Tuk Tuks is a 2.5-mile radius around downtown Naperville. Rides from North Central College, Naperville Plaza, or a lot of the Riverwalk are all covered.

Event transportation in the downtown Naperville area is also covered by Tuk Tuk Naperville. Naperville Central, Naperville North, & North Central College class reunions, weddings & receptions, and other special events can all be handled by Tuk Tuk Naperville.

Tuk Tuk Naperville specializes, however, in downtown Naperville tours. Seasonal tours are offered, along with pub crawls & custom tours. New to Naperville? Let Tuk Tuk handle your first tour! Long-term resident with friends or family visiting? Make your own tour and enjoy the Tuk Tuk experience!

What is the Tuk Tuk Experience?

Tuk Tuk Naperville has a fleet of Tuk Tuks that have the same features:

  • Open Air Rides. Experience the sights, sounds, and smells (great food) of downtown Naperville
  • Fully Electric. Eco-friendly and quite–enjoy your ride and rest easy knowing that Tuk Tuks are 100% electric!
  • Drinks Permitted Onboard. Bring your favorite beverage with you on any Tuk Tuk ride or tour.
  • The Best Drivers. All of our drivers are native Napervillians or long-term residents and can tell you about the best & hottest events in town!

Tuk Tuks are an amazing experience. The best word to sum up the Tuk Tuk experience is FUN. The funny-looking open air car can get you to any destination in downtown Naperville (and tell you about a few hidden gems on the way there).


Tuk Tuk is Naperville’s favorite downtown transportation service. Our open-air vehicles allow clients to experience all the hustle and bustle of downtown Naperville while getting to your next destination quickly. Our drivers are all long-term Naperville residents–talk to them on your next ride for recommendations on restaurants, shops, hotspots, and anything else!

Check out our booking page and click BOOK NOW to book your next Naperville Tuk Tuk ride today!

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