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Naperville has turned into a huge place–the 3rd largest city in Naperville after the latest census! Tons of seasonal and holiday events have sprung up all over the city as it has grown. Truly experiencing the city can be tough to accomplish with all the options currently available.

If you’re looking to really experience the holidays or seasonal events in Naperville, taking a Tuk Tuk tour is your best option. Why? Because you get to experience a lot during each ride and each driver is either a native Napervillian or a long-term resident. Think of Tuk Tuk tours as Naperville tours led by an expert!

What seasonal tours offer the best experience?

Naperville Holiday Lights Tour

The Tuk Tuk Naperville classic–our original tour can’t be beaten when it comes to experiencing downtown Naperville during the holiday season. Homes around downtown Naperville are known for going all-out on holiday decorations and Tuk Tuk Naperville drivers know the best neighborhoods. Some of the residents have been making their displays better and better for 25+ years!

Downtown Naperville itself is also gorgeous during the holiday season. The grand illumination lights up the trees and various holiday decorations and displays are set up all over the downtown area. Get the full experience with a Tuk Tuk Holiday Lights Tour!

Naperville Halloween Lights Tour

Many of the same neighborhoods visited on the Holiday Lights Tour are revisited during the fall season for the Halloween Lights Tour. Like the Holiday Lights Tour, this tour focuses on the best (and spookiest) Halloween decorations.

If you enjoy dining and drinking be sure to ask a Tuk Tuk Naperville driver about any Halloween events at popular bars & restaurants. Many of them have some amazing events centered around Halloween. Don’t forget to call a Tuk Tuk to get there!

Naperville Beautiful Homes Tour

Downtown Naperville has a reputation for having some of the most beautiful homes and neighborhoods in the Chicagoland area. Tuk Tuk has them all mapped out for on of the most spectacular tours in Naperville!

Drive through some amazing neighborhoods and see beautiful homes while sipping your favorite beverage (adult or otherwise). Tuk Tuk drivers can also tell you about many of the homes and neighborhoods–some of the drivers have lived in Naperville since before many of the homes were built!

Tuk Tuk Naperville tours fill up fast–especially the Holiday tours! Remember to book early to ensure your spot. Click here for more information on tours & booking.


Tuk Tuk is Naperville’s favorite downtown transportation service. Our open-air vehicles allow clients to experience all the hustle and bustle of downtown Naperville while getting to your next destination quickly. Our drivers are all long-term Naperville residents–talk to them on your next ride for recommendations on restaurants, shops, hotspots, and anything else!

Check out our booking page and click BOOK NOW to book your next Naperville Tuk Tuk ride today!

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