Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Tuk?

Tuk Tuk Questions

How many people fit in a Tuk Tuk?

Each Tuk Tuk can fit up to 6 adults.

Are there seatbelts?

Yes, all 6 people are required to wear a seatbelt while moving.

Are the tuks electric?

Yes, Tuk Tuks are 100% electric.

What happens if it rains?

 The Tuk Tuks have covers, allowing for enclosed and protected transportation.

Are children allowed in a Tuk Tuk?

Yes, babies ride in parent’s laps and kids ride with a seatbelt on.

Tour Questions

How do I book a tour of Naperville by Tuk Tuk?

You can book a Naperville tour online or you can call us at 331-777-0332 for a custom tour or transportation request.

Where is pickup for Tours?

Pick up locations for tours can be anywhere in the immediate downtown Naperville area. Enter a location while booking like “Hotel Indigo”.

How long are Tours?

Tours will always last 1 hour, unless a custom arrangement is made.

Cancellation Policy

 Email to cancel 12 or more hours in advance.

When do you offer Tours?

All year, April-September, Halloween Tours in October, & Christmas Light Tours in December.

Can I book in advance?

We do suggest booking in advance, especially for the Holiday Light Tours.

Point-to-Point Rides

What is a point-to-point Ride?

These are fast ride share type rides between point A & point B. We offer ride services in the downtown Naperville area. Download the Tuk Tuk Time app today to book a ride. 

How do I get a regular point to point ride?

Download our app “Tuk Tuk Time”

Can I make a reservation in advance for a point-to-point ride?

No, all rides are first come first serve. Please request your ride within 15 minutes of being ready to leave.

Why can’t I enter anything in the address field?

Go into your phone settings and give the Tuk Tuk Time app permission for location services.

Why does the app change my pickup time from what I requested?

This happens when the drivers respond with the time, they can arrive to your pickup location. You can accept or decline the change.

How do I pay for a Ride?

Pay with cash/credit/debit with the driver or load your credit card in the app for fast transactions.

Why does the app say, “No rides available at this time”?

 This happens when the drivers are so busy that the wait time is over 1 hour. Check back later.

Why does it say my ride is outside of hours of operation?

Tuk Tuk is closed when this happens.

Can I call/text to request rides?

Yes, you can but drivers give preference to the “Tuk Tuk Time” app requested app rides first, then respond to calls/texts when it is safe for them to do so in between rides.

Why is the wait time 45 minutes?

 This happens when we are remarkably busy, and we are completing rides as fast as possible.

E-Bike Rental Questions

How do I book an E-bike?

You can book your E-Bike Rental online or you can call us at 331-777-0332 for rental questions.

How old do I have to be to book an e-bike?

Riders must be 16 years old or more. You will have to provide a valid driver license before you can take out the e-bike.

Is an e-bike hard to ride, how do I ride it?

It is quite easy to pick up. You are REQUIRED to receive a short training session before taking out the e-bike.

What is an e-bike?

It is a bicycle that has electric assist in the pedals and throttle on the right handlebar.

Do I have to use the electric assist?


Where can I take the e-bike?

Neighborhood streets & DuPage River Trail. (No sidewalks, avoid Downtown Naperville)

How fast does a e-bike go?

Max speed is 20 MPH.

Where do I pickup the e-bike?

Pickup is at 614 E 5th Ave, Naperville.

Where do I drop off the e-bike when I'm done?

Drop off your e-bike rental behind the garage at 614 E 5th Ave, Naperville.